Episode # 030 – Why Some Black Men Don’t Date Black Women

In this episode of In The Lounge With Dre & Vee we discuss some of the possible reasons why some black men refuse to date black women. Is it intimidation? Ignorance? Or is it just a strong black women is too opinionated? Lets find out!



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We Don’t Care Why You Don’t Date Black Women

Why These 3 Black Men Won’t Date Black Women


Queen Vee’s Word On The Street


Well, it looks like Kenya Moore tied the knot. I know, I know,….you are saying “Why in the world would she marry that crazy dude? Well surprise!!!!!! She didn’t marry Matt. She married someone else. The man she married has not been identified however we did see Matt pour his heart out on social media stating that he didn’t know she got married and how he was always going to love her. Is this fool crazy or what? LOL I


Dre’s Stunod Of The Week

This week’s Stunod Of The Week is Oscar Carrillo. Oscar earned his claim to fame of Stunod of the Week when he decided to go through with a plan that was suppose to financially set him free. Oscar became so far behind on his car payments that he thought the finance company was going to come and repossess his car. Oscar’s response to this was that he called local police and reported that he got kidnapped and the kidnappers torched the car. The police discovered that Oscar was lying and arrested him for Arson and falsifying a police report. And for that Oscar, you are Stunod Of The Week!!!

Do you find it wrong for black men to not date black women? Let us know in the comments below.

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