Episode # 033 – Is He Your Husband or Your Child: Toxic Relationships

Is he your Husband or your child: Toxic Relationships. In this episode we talk about treating your spouse like your son. Is that cool to treat your spouse like a child? Dre & Vee go deep in discussion about this episode. We also discuss KeKe Wyatt and why her husband is requesting a divorce.



The Stacking Gratitude Journal

This Journal is dedicated to you.It is dedicated to your journey of gratitude. Click Here for more information about this great journal that will better yourself and you life as a whole.


Queen Vee’s Word On The Street

In this episode of Word On The Street I talked about Kevin Hart who was caught cheating on his wife in his car. So my question is should we feel sorry for his wife? Remember, his wife was the side chick in Kevin’s previous marriage. Dre said you live by the sword you die by the sword so she pretty much lost Kevin the same way she got him.


Dre’s Stunod Of The Week

Todays Stunod of the Week is Donald Trump. Now when I give some that tile of Stunod of the Week people want to know what that person did t become Stunod of the Week. This week no one os sking what Trump did because he did so many. You can pick one because all of his actions have been worthy of Stunod of the Week. I particular chose him to be Stunod of the Week as a result of his ignorant decision to call NFL players “Son of a Bitches”. That alone is Stunod worthy and for that Donald Trump your dumbass is the Stunod of the week!!!

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