Episode # 032 – Having A Little Thug In My Man

No matter what woman you ask, they all would like to feel protected by their man. While just about any man can protect their woman, some women prefer a little thug in their man. Do you agree? Lets talk about it.



The Stacking Gratitude Journal

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Queen Vee’s Word On The Street

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In today word on the street I discuss the new reality show coming out called “Side Chick of Charlotte”. Wow can you believe that a show like this could exist? Amazing that these woman would come out to the world and call themselves sick chicks. In this weeks word on the street pertaining to this topic i do give my take on it.


Dre’s Stunod Of The Week

This week’s Stunod of the Week is the entire Republican party. The republican party have been named Stunod of the Week due to a Republican representative stating that John McCain only voted no to the proposed healthcare bill due to his tumor in his brain. Now how ignorant is that? Really? Just ignorant. They are using a man’s bad health to justify why their bill didn’t pass. And for that Republican Party you are Stunod of the Week!!!

Okay ladies I have to ask. Do you prefer a little thug in your man?? Let us know in the comments below.

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