Episode # 031 – Online Dating

In this episode Dre and Queen Vee discuss online dating. Is it cool to find a date online or does it present an assumption that someone is desperate. We will find out what Dre and Queen Vee think.



The Stacking Gratitude Journal

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Queen Vee’s Word On The Street


Today we spoke about Beyonce and Jay Z’s twin babies. We actually got the names straight because Dr was just so confused LOL.


Dre’s Stunod Of The Week

This week’s Stunod Of The Week is Kirk Frost.  As you know Kirk cheated on his wife and may have a baby on the way.  It seems that Kirk thinks that if the baby isn’t his he will be able to get his wife back.  Dude, you cheated. Thats why you will never get her back.  Kirk is the Stunod of the Week for not taking any responsibility for his actions of cheat.   And for that Kirk Frost, you are Stunod Of The Week!!!

Would you ever try online dating? Let us know in the comments below.

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