Episode # 029 – Growing Apart In The Marriage

Marriage is great and loving. It has its problems as all relationships. But what happens when you grow apart in the marriage? Today we discuss things to help marriages stay together. We also discuss the divorce of T.I. and Tiny.



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How We Grew Apart And Had A Rough Few Years
By: Sheila Gregoire 

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Queen Vee’s Word On The Street


In this episode I discusses T.I and Tiny’s divorce and how they have grown apart from the marriage. I also speak about the latest with Tiger Wood involving his arrest relating to a DUI.


Dre’s Stunod Of The Week

This week’s Stunod Of The Week is Lavar Ball. Lavar made Stunod of the Week for his disrespectful behavior and total disregard for female sports commentators. Lavar made news when he turned his back on a female sports reporter. He basically told her that she was nothing and he wasn’t there to talk to her. And for that Mr. Ball, you are Stunod Of The Week!!!

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