Episode # 027 – Why Are Men Prone To Cheating?

In a doggy-dog world there are a lot of “players” out there. Studies have indicated that men are prone to cheat on their romantic partner. Why is this? Are there justifiable reasons? In todays episode, Dre and Vee go deeper into this discussion to find out why.



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7 Types Of Men Most Likely To Cheat On You

By: Melinda Fox

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Queen Vee’s Word On The Street    

53030013428587_1638455533141853_6031073798683012579_n300149In this episode I discusses the break-up of Carmelo Anthony and La0La. There are a number of different stories that have came out and today I will discuss why these two are on shaky ground. In this segment of the show I attempted to provide additional Word On The Street story relating to R-Kelly however Dre shut me down. LOL


Dre’s Stunod Of The Week   


This week’s Stunod Of The Week was originally a man out of California. However do to my “unusual and confusing” behavior during this episode I must say Queen Vee was right in nominating and making me Stunod Of The Week. I was so off today in this episode. I was losing my train of thought, saying words out of its context and just forgetting my emphasis of points I tried to make. So for that, I officially named myself Stunod Of The Week……..Thank You. LOL

Why Do You Think Men Are Prone To Cheat? Let us know in the comments below.

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