Episode # 026 – The Independent Woman Who Could Not Get Or Keep A Man

Are independent women blocking themselves from getting or keeping a man? In this episode Dre & Vee get into a deep discussion about independent women and their relationships. Does an independent woman intimidate men? This is a must Listen!!!



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Queen Vee’s Word On The Street    30013428587_1638455533141853_6031073798683012579_n300

In this episode of In The Lounge With Dre & Vee I discuss Janet Jackson and the stars of her divorce. Some are saying she was in t for the money (but she already has money) while other say it was just a marriage that did not work out. I also discuss the status of Tiny and TI. Everyone is wondering are they together or did they just go their separate ways and decide to use co-parent? As always, I also discussed my ratchet TV. This episode we discussed all the “rachetness” that is going on Black Ink, Hustle & Soul, and Housewives of Atlanta.


Dre’s Stunod Of The Week   30016195981_10154980774169834_4775658195624303762_n300

This week’s stunned of the week comes out of Atlanta, GA. “Moriah” is stunned of the week for her “THOTISH” acts. Moriah decided to carry on a long cheating relationship with….(are you ready for this?)….with her boss’ husband!!!!! Can you believe that!!!! SO for that Moriah, you are Stunod of the week. What a minute, she is not alone. The husband is also stunned of the week for cheating on his wife. Stunods. SMH

The Question: Do independent women block themselves from getting or keeping a man?

Let us know in the comments below.

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1 Comment on “Episode # 026 – The Independent Woman Who Could Not Get Or Keep A Man

  1. My take on it: I agree with a balance has to be in place. I think independence is great, but be humble enough to accept an equal partner. In my experience because I’ve been doing so much for so long, many things I do like take out the trash, putting gas in the car, cleaning, cooking, buying stuff for myself, etc. I would do whether a man is present or not. The problem is it’s so natural for me that some guys will not take initiative. Instead of taking lead, a guy will sit back thinking that the woman just wants to be independent, when in all reality she’s just in a habit she’s had to live with. I would dare say that’s true for other women as well. We are taught from our teenage years how to take care of ourselves, whereas I have seen that most men especially get spoiled from their moms and are not being taught the same things. I feel like a lot of times the focus is on training young girls how to become independent strong women, but not very many guys are getting taught leadership. A wise man should see independence as beneficial to him. After all, we were created to be help mates for our man. Meaning we are working along side of him. Not to mention, some guys are being passive in not taking lead and I will speak for me, I don’t want to have to do it all and the moment I feel like I do, I will most likely get ghost on a guy like that. It’s similar to submission. For the guy who takes lead and honors his woman she will submit and reciprocate right back to him. In all actuality men and women are best dependent on God and interdependent with each other. Meaning we are both able to care for ourselves, but we in unity will assist each other and help the other. Neither party should be sitting back taking advantage of the other!!!!

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