Episode # 026 – The Independent Woman Who Could Not Get Or Keep A Man

Are independent women blocking themselves from getting or keeping a man? In this episode Dre & Vee get into a deep discussion about independent women and their relationships. Does an independent woman intimidate men? This is a must Listen!!!



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Queen Vee’s Word On The Street    30013428587_1638455533141853_6031073798683012579_n300

In this episode of In The Lounge With Dre & Vee I discuss Janet Jackson and the stars of her divorce. Some are saying she was in t for the money (but she already has money) while other say it was just a marriage that did not work out. I also discuss the status of Tiny and TI. Everyone is wondering are they together or did they just go their separate ways and decide to use co-parent? As always, I also discussed my ratchet TV. This episode we discussed all the “rachetness” that is going on Black Ink, Hustle & Soul, and Housewives of Atlanta.


Dre’s Stunod Of The Week   30016195981_10154980774169834_4775658195624303762_n300

This week’s stunned of the week comes out of Atlanta, GA. “Moriah” is stunned of the week for her “THOTISH” acts. Moriah decided to carry on a long cheating relationship with….(are you ready for this?)….with her boss’ husband!!!!! Can you believe that!!!! SO for that Moriah, you are Stunod of the week. What a minute, she is not alone. The husband is also stunned of the week for cheating on his wife. Stunods. SMH

The Question: Do independent women block themselves from getting or keeping a man?

Let us know in the comments below.

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